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Water purifier is also called water quality purifier. It is a kind of water treatment equipment for deep filtration and purification of water quality according to the requirements of water use. Generally speaking, the water purifier made from best water treatment plant, refers to a small purifier used for home use. The core of the technology is the filter membrane in the filter element device. At present, the main technology comes from the ultrafiltration membrane and RO reverse osmosis membrane.

Nowadays, water purifier is necessary, because tap water can not guarantee drinking safety. Industrial pollution, pollution and improper storage are the main reasons why water filters are so common in families. They are designed to remove all unwanted particles from the water to ensure safe drinking. But, the commercial water filters are expensive. Hence, cannot be afforded by everyone. The other alternative to this is bottled water, which also is quite expensive. Those who feel that the cost of commercial water purifiers is heavy on the pockets, can opt for homemade water filters for safe and better tasting water. And how to make a homemade water purifier?

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Production steps:

The most important part is the choice of house structure. You can choose single, double or triple filter system. There are advantages and disadvantages in choosing filter types, such as granular activated carbon, silver steroid ceramic, carbon block, etc., but granular activated carbon is the most common and cheapest. Once the required filter system and housing configuration are obtained, carefully slide the filter cartridge into the latter. Attach the housing to the table top, or anywhere you choose for the assembly. Hook the water pipe of the system to the water pipe.

Essential items:

You need a 2 litre plastic water bottle and lid. This will be used as a housing for the filtration system. You can use a plastic straw as a nozzle. The filter system can be cotton, fine, large gravel, fine, large sand, coffee filter, activated carbon particles.


Cut off the bottom of the bottle, turn over the rest of the bottle, and put the wadding in. This will form the lining of the filtration system. Place a layer of activated carbon, and then place a layer of fine sand, large sand, fine gravel and large gravel respectively. Repeat these layers in the same order until you reach the top of the bottle. Now, add a coffee filter to the system. Put the straw through a hole and fix it on the bottle cap, so that the straw can pass through the bottle mouth. This part of the house will sit in a jar or cup and will collect filtered water. Place it in the container so that the pipette end of the container is in the container. Pour the water into the coffee filter. It will work through the layers of the filtration system, leaving behind all the impurities that accumulate in these layers, and the purified water will flow into the tank through a straw.

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