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Pure water equipment is the mainstream product in the current water treatment equipment market. Daily maintenance of equipment can not only extend the service life of equipment, but also effectively reduce the incidence of failures:

1. Determine the RO influent SDI value before proceeding with the design.

2. After obtaining water quality, all aspects of water quality analysis should be carried out, and a reverse osmosis system should be designed on this basis.

3. Reasonable selection of membrane components suitable for equipment. Cellulose acetate membranes or low-pollution membrane components may be more effective for treating more complicated surface water or sewage.

    4. If there is a change in the quality of the influent water, it is necessary to make corresponding design adjustments in time.

5. In terms of water flux selection, use some common data as much as possible.

    6. Adequate pretreatment must be ensured.

7. The horizontal flow rate and concentrated water flow rate requirements should be as large as possible.

8. In terms of recovery rate, it is not necessary to require the amount, it should be suitable.

9. Every item of the entire device requires standardization.

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