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In the process of continuous development of China's industry, the problem of water pollution is becoming more and more serious, which has a serious impact on the overall environment of our country. In recent years, China has also attached great importance to water pollution control. In the actual work, it is necessary to be able to select and apply chemicals and water treatment related technologies to achieve better treatment effect.

Industrial water treatment and purification 

Ultrasonic purification technology:


China is a large agricultural country. In the actual agricultural production, pesticides are often used, with a large amount of use. In this process, the water resources of our country will be seriously polluted. In this case, ultrasonic purification is a more effective technology. Specifically, it is to treat water pollution through the application of basic ultrasonic technology, so as to effectively enhance the membrane biological reaction activity, and make the water organisms have higher activity in the case of purification of organic matters.


Ultra membrane treatment technology:


This is a kind of membrane separation technology with environmental protection and advanced characteristics, which can compress and separate the water source, and remove the bacteria and virus related substances in the water by this way. Compared with the simultaneous interpreting technology, the technology has better performance in environmental protection, has a better performance in recycling efficiency and separation efficiency, can meet the requirements of environmental water treatment related needs well, and can better meet the relevant concepts of sustainable development. In the practical application of the technology, tolerance, comprehensiveness and convenience are the main characteristics of the technology application. It can completely remove the different impurities in the water, complete the water treatment in an automatic and rapid way, with strong chemical stability, and has good performance in high temperature resistance and acid resistance.


Micro polluted water treatment technology:


This is an enhanced technology based on traditional water treatment. In today's work, there are still some deficiencies in all technologies, which can not solve the problem of water shortage, only through the application of automatic water treatment technology to purify sewage, so as to meet the demand of drinking water. In the application of this technology, it has two ways: enhanced coagulation and enhanced filtration. Among them, the application of enhanced coagulation can improve the matching of coagulants and improve the removal rate of coagulation and sedimentation in organic matters. Enhanced filtration technology can be applied in the biological enhancement of ordinary filter, and it does not need to add new facilities in the application process. It not only has the characteristics of filter material turbidity removal, but also can realize the degradation of organic matters.

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