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                                                                                  Operating precautions for pure water equipment

Whether the purified water equipment can run normally for a long time is the most important thing to maintain, the careful maintenance of the equipment, the equipment is handy. Therefore, care should be taken not to damage the machine during the operation of the water purification equipment.

1. Firstly, compatibility between agents and agents should be considered, and secondly, compatibility between agents and membrane materials should be considered. In order to prevent scale formation in R0 device, the measures of adding scale inhibitors are almost considered in the inlet end of RO, which are almost all with negative charge. Therefore, the reaction between cationic coagulants and anionic scale inhibitors should be avoided to prevent the colloidal compounds formed by the reaction from depositing on the membrane surface.
2. Prevent filter material from entering reverse osmosis device: select the appropriate filter water outlet device to prevent filter leakage sand leakage activated carbon; Choose the appropriate activated carbon to prevent desorption during use.
3. It is better to set up an independent water supply system for large water purification equipment with tap water as the water source, which can not only ensure the stable operation of the water supply system, but also reduce the instantaneous impact of RO system on the water supply network of the whole plant.

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