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Industrial water treatment equipment can be classified into ro water treatment equipment (reverse osmosis) device, deionized ultra pure water device, electrodeionization (EDI) device, electronic industry ultra pure water equipment, pharmaceutical industry ultra pure water equipment, chemical industry ultra pure water equipment, power boiler water supply system, electroplating industry ultra pure water equipment, laboratory ultra pure water equipment, battery industry ultra pure water equipment etc.

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment system

Reverse osmosis(RO) water treatment equipment is usually composed of raw water pretreatment system, reverse osmosis purification system and ultra purification post-treatment system. The purpose of pretreatment is to make raw water meet the requirements of reverse osmosis membrane separation module, and ensure the stable operation of reverse osmosis purification system. Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane system is an economic and effective purification method to remove more than 98% ions, organics and 100% microorganisms (theoretically) in raw water. In order to meet the requirements of final water quality index for different purposes, the ultra purification post-treatment system further removes impurities such as micro ions and organic matters in reverse osmosis pure water through a variety of integrated technologies.

The material selection of reverse osmosis equipment pipeline should consider the internal and external problems. The internal is the corrosion of water quality to the pipeline, and the external is the operating environment. The operation environment of reverse osmosis equipment determines the external corrosion of pipeline. If the operation environment is good, the surface coating (such as paint or zinc plating) can be used. Residual chlorine, chemicals, pH value and temperature should be considered for corrosion of water quality to pipeline. We usually use UPVC, stainless steel and so on.

The basic advantage of stainless steel is that it has good resistance to general corrosion. Stainless steel rarely produces current corrosion and stress corrosion damage, but stainless steel is prone to pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion. Pitting corrosion represents that the metal is locally eroded, causing concave holes on its surface. If the chromium oxide passivation layer is damaged, chloride ions will attack the exposed metal to form pitting corrosion. Crevice corrosion is related to pitting caused by a small amount of static water stop at small holes, gasket surfaces, around deposits and cracks under screws. In order to avoid pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion of high pressure pipeline in membrane system, the following suggestions are proposed:

For general water source, 304 stainless steel can be selected;

When the salt content of raw water is 2-5000 ppm, it is recommended to select 316 stainless steel with carbon content less than 0.08%;

When the salt content of raw water is 5-7000ppm, 316L stainless steel with carbon content less than 0.03% is recommended;

When the salt content of raw water is 7-30000 ppm, 904L stainless steel with molybdenum content of 4% - 5% is recommended.

Advantages of reverse osmosis equipment

•The desalination rate of reverse osmosis technology device is high, the desalination rate of single membrane can reach 99%, the desalination rate of primary reverse osmosis treatment system and desalination rate can generally be more than 90%, and the desalination rate of reverse osmosis equipment system of secondary company can be stabilized above 98%.

• As reverse osmosis can effectively remove bacteria, organic matter and inorganic substances such as iron, manganese and silicon, the effluent quality is much better than other methods.

•Compared with ion exchange system for pure water, it can reduce the consumption of chemicals, due to the cost of resin regeneration (such as NaOH, hydrochloric acid, etc.), labor cost, and the cost of wastewater treatment by regeneration, and reduce the environmental pollution.

• It can slow down the change of water quality caused by the fluctuation of raw water quality data, which is conducive to the stable development of water quality in production, which plays a positive role in the stability of service quality of desalted water as a product.

• The reverse osmosis device greatly reduces the burden of the terminal micro porous membrane filter and prolongs the service life of the terminal micro porous membrane filter.

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