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Leakage and water leakage are common faults. After discovery, they should be applied in time, such as tightening oil seals, water seals, 0-rings and packing.

It should be emphasized here that some electrical equipment such as motor junction box collector ring box travel switch control box and distribution box are particularly important for rain and waterproof. Especially in the rainy season. The water in the appliance may cause a short circuit to burn the motor and burn the contactor, burning the template of the control room. In severe cases, it may cause personal injury such as electric shock.

Steel wire ropes and zippers are widely used as load-bearing parts in large-scale process equipment for sewage treatment. After a period of use, these load-bearing parts may wear out and break, and rust, etc. If the measures are not taken in time, accidents such as sudden breaks may occur, causing major losses or even personal accidents. Therefore, the operator and maintenance personnel should regularly check the wire rope zipper on the equipment and take corresponding measures for the situation.

According to the relevant regulations on the safety of lifting equipment in China, the wire rope can not be used within a shackle moment, and the broken wire exceeds 10%; since the cross-sectional area of the worn steel wire rope is below 80% or the diameter is reduced by 10%, it should be replaced; The welding caused by the spark on the surface of the wire rope and the serious metallurgy should be replaced immediately; the wire end should be replaced when the wire breaks more seriously; the whole wire should be replaced immediately after the break; due to the damage of the core The diameter of the steel rope should be replaced in time; if the steel wire rope is severely deformed or bent, it should be replaced.

The zipper is also a commonly used load-bearing part on wastewater treatment equipment. Due to wear or rust, the cross-sectional area of a single section is reduced to 80% of the original section or the joint of a certain section is cracked.

Due to the special working environment, the corrosion of steel wire ropes in the sewage treatment industry is very serious, especially the wire ropes and chains that are often immersed in sewage sludge. The steel rope is corroded externally or internally. It is more prone to fatigue fracture when bent. For it, it is necessary to strengthen daily anti-corrosion maintenance, such as timely removal of surface sludge and regular oiling. On the other hand, the steel wire rope should be opened regularly with special tools to check the internal corrosion. If necessary, ask the professional to measure the internal condition by magnetic flaw detection. Happening. Wire ropes that are more severely corroded should be replaced in time.

Anti-corrosion of various parts of equipment. It is an important task in equipment management in the sewage treatment industry. Harmful substances in the sewage will cause serious corrosion of the steel, so the surface of the steel structural parts that are not prepared for sewage treatment have anti-rust paint. After a period of use, these coatings will gradually wear out, age and fall off, sewage invading and accelerating corrosion. To this end, sewage treatment plants should always check the condition of these coatings and repair them at any time. Every time the overhaul, the surface of the failed paint and the rusted steel should be cleaned and coated with new paint. Commonly used coatings for water immersion are epoxy asphalt, and the rest are available in various anti-rust paints. In recent years, various new types of coatings have emerged in an endless stream. We can choose appropriate anti-corrosion methods according to our own needs and economic conditions. Of course, this work can be omitted in the case of a stainless steel structure.

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