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20kg EDI pure water equipment in pharmaceutical industry supplied from China

Specification: 2000-20000 USD/SET
Use Parts: 1 SET
Place of OriginChina

EDI Description:

The EDI reverse osmosis/electrodeionization is a unique water purification system that combines both reverse osmosis and electro-deionization inot one integrated unit. The system produce high purity water low in TOC, microorganisms and particles up to 18.2 Megohm.cm at flows up to 15gpm. It have several different purification modules to choose from. Including a 1.0 micron prefilter, multistage high pressure RO booster pump, RO vessels in a choice of meterials, RO membranes, EDI power supply, high water recovery, choice of piping material, monitoring instrumentation, manual&automatic valves. The ro water treatment equipment includes a EPROM and OIT terminal to operate both the RO-EDI system and components that will interface with the system and completely pre-wired and pre-piped on one skid for fast economical installation.

edi system in water treatment plant


Typical Application:

Pharmaceutical preparations

Biological engineering

Central laboratory water

Power industry

Humidification systems

Rinsing electronic components

Glassware rinsing

Preparation of process chemicals

Process ingredient water

Rinse water



Standard Features:

Skid mounted

Internal power supply

Operational instruments

Epoxy coated steel frame

Pressure gauges

Flow meters


Factory tested


Options available:

Hot water sanitizable

Various piping materials

Stainless steel frame

Brine feeder

Ultraviolet sterilizer

System validation

NIST traceable instrumentation

Specifications at 25 centidegree

Other voltages are available upon request

Feed water requirements and other specifications are available upon request

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