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4000 L/H industrial RO system drinking water treatment factory

Specification: 10000-15000 USD/SET
Use Parts: 1 SET
Supply Ability: 60 SET
Payment : TT , LC , Others
TypePure water
Desalination Rate> 98%
Place of OriginZhejiang, China
Speed4000 L/H
TechnologyReverse Osmosis

Mainly adopts reverse osmosis technology: exerting certain pressure to water so that molecule and ionic state mineral elements can get through membranes. Meanwhile, most of dissolved inorganic salts( including heavy metals), organic matters, bacteria and viruses are unable to pass.


RO drinking water treatment system


A. High water volume and high desalination rate is more than 98% under normal circumstances.

B. High rejection of organic matters, colloids, particles, bacteria, viruses, heat source, etc.


Application range:

A. Pure preparation water and ultra pure water for electronic, pharmaceutical, food and other industries

B. Water for textile, chemical industry, chemical circulating water, chemical products manufacturing, purification and preparation water

C. Water for food and beverage industry, purification and preparation water for drinking water, beverage, beer, liquor, health care products

D. In industrial production, water solution is adopted to get useful substances and carry out concentration and recovery

E. It is adopted as boiler make-up water for electric power industry, pretreatment of thermal power boiler and desalination water supply for low-pressure boiler power system

F. Adopted as the first grade salt removal equipment for high purity water production

G. Suitable for various enterprices and institutionsuch as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, canteens, beauty salons and so on

H. Can be used for preparing work of bottled water, mineral water and other forms of filling line

I. Used as electronic industrial water for integrated circuit, silicon chip, display tube, etc

J. Used in water infusion, injection, tablet, biochemical products and equipment cleaning in pharmaceutical induatry

K. For sea water and brackish water desalination on islands, ships, offshore drilling platforms and brackish water areas

L. Used in ultra pure water with other household appliances, automobile coating process, coated glass cosmetics, fine chemicals, etc.

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