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Automatic medicine water treatment machine with ro device at reasonable cost

Specification: 3000-5000 USD/PIECE
Use Parts: 10 PIECE
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China
Model Number WTRO
CE No:BV E 09 09 101

Product Description


Applicable to medical apparatus and instruments, pharmaceutical, blood purification, biochemical products, medical sterile water, oral liquid, etc. Product water can be used to produce sterile distilled water after further process.



1. Comply with Chinese Pharmacopoeia of 2010 version

2. Comply with pharmacopoeia requirements of United States and European

3. Comply with GMP standard

4. Comply with FDA attestation requirements

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Description of Hengtong WT-RO-two stage RO purified water equipment:

Hengtong WTRO purified water treatment equipment is based on the latest GMP attestation requirement. The whole set adopts sanitary all stainless steel design and twostage reverse osmosis+EDI purified water treatment technology, effectively remove all kinds of salts, impurities in water, therefore the product water can meet purified water standard. The equipment owns characteristics such as advanced technology, stable product water quality, simple operation, lowcost, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. The company is a standardized industrial wastewater treatment plant inland, owns a number of product patents and has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system attestation. The company possesses professional and standardized purified water equipment manufacture base, professional manufacturing capability from spare parts to whole sets and professional technology and service team. Hengtong is one of companies that the earliest to enter medical purified water industry, whose product water quality has reached to relative pharmacopoeia requirements.



Functions of each part for Hengtong WT-RO-two stage RO purified water equipment:

1.Raw water tank: store raw water, control raw water and subside impurities

2.Raw water pump: raw water pressurization, provide power to pre-treatment system, water intake and cleaning

3.MMF: primarily to remove sand, impurities, suspended solids and other particles in water, reduce turbidity

4.ACF: to absorb color, odor and residual chlorine

5.Dosing device: make use of specified resin for softened water to replace calcium and magnesium ions and reduce water hardness

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6.Cartridge filter: prevent large grained impurities from entering reverse osmosis membrane and damaging membrane

7. Reverse osmosis main machine: by reverse osmosis filtration, to achieve the goal of pure water production

8. UV sterilizer: by strong UV light, various microorganisms such as bacteria and virus in water are destroyed all of a sudden

9.Heat source removal filtration membrane: adopts ultrafiltration membrane to remove pyrogen. Pyrogen is also known as endotoxin, grow out of the mantle of Gram negative bacteria, ie. debris of bacteria corpse.


Design advantages of Hengtong WT-RO-two stage ro water treatment equipment:

A. Modular design method, can be individually assembled according to different customers requirements. The whole  system adopts all stainless steel configuration, operates stable, delicate and beautiful

B. Equipped with all stainless steel raw water tank, intermediate water tank, specialized purified water tank, stable and beautiful

C. Equipped with 304/316L specialized purified water tank and digital liquid level control, rotary spray cleaning and air-breathing apparatus

D. Adopts imported low pressure reverse osmosis membrane of high desalination rate, stable operation and 20% energy consumption reduction

E. Equipped with imported PH regulator and online detecting system to adjust PH and prevent CO2 from affecting product water quality

F. Equipped with UV sterilization system and terminal ultrafiltration device

G.The control system is fully automatic and main parts adopt imported components of high stability and easy operationH. Purified water conveying is equipped with constant pressure water supply system

I. Equipped with product water quality electrical conductivity excessive alarm controlling system, to avoid exceed standard water caused by machine halt to enter water tank

J. Main materials all adopt international famous brand in industry to make sure quality and quantity, and optimum  allocation design

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging details: customized/wooden package

Delivery Details: 15--60 days based on capacity and quantity

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