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Automatic multi-effect pharmaceutical water distiller at factory price

Specification: 7000-40000 USD/SET
Use Parts: 1 SET
Supply Ability: 100 SET
Payment : TT , LC , Others
TypeDistilled Water


Applicable to different scales pharmaceutical companies for producing the medical pharmaceutical preparation water,injection water and so on. All levels of hospital preparation room,or chemacal research institutes.


Material: Stainless Steel

Usage: water for injection, pharmaceutical and preparations

Capacity: as your requirements


Consist of 6 evapotarors,6 pre-heaters,6 vapor-liquid separators,2 condensers,feed pump,control valves,frame,controller,etc.

Evaporator---Using falling film evaporation technology to ensure feed water(RO product water)uniformly distribute.In the inner wall of each evaporation tube forms a water film evaporation.

Vapor-liquid separator---Adopts steam and water split four separation technicues(Steam and water certification,underneath rotary vane clapboard separation,wire mesh capture water droplet separation,upper rotary vane clapboard separation)to make sure distilled water heat source and endotoxin content lower.

Pre-heater---Adopts U shape tube exchange heat.High heat exchange efficiency, good mechanical performance,long service life

Condenser---Unique double condenser design,special made multiway reciprocating structure,heat fully transferred,no need of special cooling water,distilled water can reach the required temperature

Piping---Pipeline design has no storage,no dead ends,low equipment failure rate,pipeline to connect using new type sanitary clamp connection both inside and outside, mirror polishing,neat appearance,operates quickly and conviniently

Configuration---Adjusting valve,automatic compensation valve,conductivity meter,temperature meter selected and overseas high-tech products with beautiful appearance and perfect functions

Water source---It requires the water source must be pure water or RO product water. Water from underground or river(natural water) are infeasible


1.Saving steam---saving about over 20%  of steams

2.Saving water---no additional cooling water is needed and RO product water can be cycled

3.High-quality distilled water---conductivity is less than 0.6us/cm(GB standard is less than or equal to 2us/cm),bacterial endotoxin is less than 0.125Eu/m,(GB standard is less than or equal to 0.252Eu/m)

4.High-performance---5 minutes after start up the machine,it can produce qualified distilled water

5.Distilled water quality automatic control---intelligent instruments continuous digital indicates the outlet conductivity of current distilled water and can set the value of qualified conductivity

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