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Industrial pure deionized water treatment equipment for cosmetics for sale

Specification: 4000-20000 USD/SET
Use Parts: 1 SET
Supply Ability: 1000 SET
Payment : TT , LC , Others
Materials304 stainless steel
Water conductivityless than 1uS/cm
Water resistivity1mΩ.cm to 18mΩ.cm
Place of OriginChina

The main process of deionized water treatment:

1. Deionized water obtained by using an anion exchange resin. After passing through, the conductivity of the effluent can be reduced to less than 10us / cm, and then it can reach 1us / cm after passing through the mixed bed. However, the water cost made by this method is extremely high, and there are too many particulate impurities, which can not meet the ideal requirements. Has been adopted less often.

2. Pretreatment (that is, sand carbon filter + precision filter) + reverse osmosis + mixed bed process;

This method is the most used, because the reverse osmosis investment cost is not high, and 90% of the ions in the water can be removed, and the remaining ions can be removed by mixed bed exchange. This can make the water conductivity: 5-10us / cm around. This is the most popular method.

3. Two-stage reverse osmosis method:

The process is as follows: tap water → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → water softener → intermediate water tank → low pressure pump → precision filter → primary reverse osmosis → pH adjustment → mixer → secondary reverse osmosis (surface membrane of reverse osmosis membrane (Positive charge) → pure water tank → pure water pump → microporous filter → water point;

4. Pre-treatment uses reverse osmosis like the second method, except that the mixed bed used later is replaced by EDI continuous desalting membrane block, so that acid-base regeneration resin is not used, but electric regeneration is used. This completely makes the whole process pollution-free, and the water quality after treatment which made from best water treatment plant can reach: 15M or more. However, this method has a large amount of initial investment and low operating costs. Make appropriate investments based on the situation of each company. It couldn't be better.

The process is as follows: raw water → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → water softener → intermediate water tank → low pressure pump → PH value adjustment system → high efficiency mixer → precision filter → high efficiency reverse osmosis → intermediate water tank → EDI water pump → EDI system → Micropore filter → Water point.

Reverse Osmosis System

WTRO series reverse osmosis system possesses the characteristics of high quality and competitive pricing. Using the international advanced RO membrane, the high efficiency and low noise high pressure pump and correct meter compose and independent reverse osmosis system, so that the whole system unit is on an independent stainless steel support, meanwhile, combines with a clever PLC control system, which can automatically instruct the high pressure pump start or stop and high or low voltage protection, automatically low energy cleaning function.

Products Features

1. The programmable controller is fully automatic control and humanized operation display system, which can operate the equipment with only one key, and is equipped with tap water stop protection and full water stop function;

2. Online water quality detection function to know the water quality of the effluent at any time;

3. The system starts to wash automatically to avoid the trouble of manual washing, so as to effectively prolong the service life of RO reverse osmosis membrane;

4. Modular and quick connect design is adopted, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, covers a small area, and is more convenient for maintenance;

5. Real time display of flushing, water making, water full, water shortage and maintenance status, with sound and light alarm function;

6. The appearance is beautiful and exquisite, and the safety insulation performance meets the GLP safety requirements;

7. When RO membrane equipment is started up, it has the functions of self-test, water shortage protection alarm, power failure automatic reset, low and high pressure protection, etc.

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