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Industrial purified filter water system for drinking and infusion uses

Specification: 3200-15000 USD/SET
Use Parts: 1 SET
Supply Ability: 150 SET
Payment : TT , LC , Others
Place of OriginZhejiang, China
CENo:BV E 09 09 101

Medical purified water equipment is used to meet the needs of medicine to produce purified water equipment. The whole system is also made of stainless steel, and must be equipped with sterilization device before the water point. A complete set of high-purity water treatment process is designed by adopting the latest technologies such as reverse osmosis and EDI, so as to meet the water requirements for the production of purified water and large-scale infusion in pharmaceutical plants and hospitals.

Index of medical purified water

1. Hygienic examination: microorganism 10cfu / 100ml

2. Endotoxin: 0.25eu/ml

3. Conductivity: ≤ 2 μ s / cm (resistivity ≥ 0.5 m Ω * cm) 33


Technical characteristics of equipment

1. The system adopts full-automatic control (or manual control at the same time), and automatic backwashing and regeneration procedures can be set when the system is running;

2. The primary reverse osmosis and the secondary reverse osmosis are equipped with return pipes, and the reverse osmosis equipment is equipped with chemical cleaning device and disinfection device;

3. A pH regulating device is set in the primary and secondary ro rooms to ensure that the conductivity of water produced by the equipment meets the requirements of Pharmacopoeia;

4. The secondary RO membrane adopts the anti pollution RO membrane with positive charge to ensure the long-term stable operation of the RO equipment;

5. The first level reverse osmosis pipeline is made of 304 stainless steel, and the second level reverse osmosis pipeline is made of 316L stainless steel;

6. Online conductivity detection instruments are installed in the first and second stage RO equipment, and the conductivity of the produced water can be watched at any time;

7. Low pressure protection switch is set in front of the first level of reverse osmosis, and low pressure protection and high pressure protection switch are set in front of the second level of reverse osmosis;

8. The recovery rate of primary and secondary RO water can be adjusted. The recovery rate of primary ro is 60% - 65%, and the recovery rate of secondary ro is 70%;

9. Original imported parts are used for pretreatment equipment; UPVC pipes are used for pipes between pretreatment equipment.

10. The purified water storage tank is equipped with breathing filter, and the transmission pipeline is equipped with ultraviolet sterilizer and microporous filter to ensure that the purified water meets the sanitary requirements.

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