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New technology RO system industrial wastewater treatment plant

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TechnologyRO system
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Reverse Osmosis technology is adopted for boiler makeup water in power supply industry, due to its characteristics of high desalination rate and automatic control operability.



For boiler makeup water in power supply industry, the conductivity must be lower than 0.2us/cm and content of SiO2 be lower than 0.02mg/L. However,conductivity of product water of two-stage RO system is over than 1us/cm in general. Therefore,RO system is adopted as primary desalination device for boiler makeup water.

1.RO+EDI system

Developed in the late 1990s, with product water conductivity is 0.05--0.07us/cm(resistivity ranges from 15 to 17.5MΩ.cm),which perfectly satisfy requirements for boiler makeup water. Compared with traditional ion exchange, it has advantages such as stable quality for product water,continuous operating, easy to operate,unattended,free of acid and alkali, environmental,small bulk and economical.

2.RO+mix bed

It is also adopted in boiler makeup water treatment, what's more,it is primarily developed from the ion exchange desalination system for boiler makeup water. Applicable to ion exchange means,the product water conductivity close to 0.055us/cm(resistivity is 18.2MΩ.cm) theoretically.

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