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Small desalination equipment RO system for industrial seawater uses

Specification: 5000-50000 USD/SET
Use Parts: 1 SET
Supply Ability: 80 SET
Payment : TT , LC , Others
Place of OriginChina


standard: GB5749-85 drinking water quality standard

condition: environment temperature 0-45°c

                water temperature 5-35°c

                air humidity 20%-100%

applicable sea area: apply to infinite navigating zone specification's requirement general condition: aims at sea water designing, directly make sea water into accord with national drinking water quality standard desalination water, long term operation and safe, reliable.


Technical parameter:

Raw water: TDS ≤35000ppm

Product water: TDS≤ 600ppm

Water temperature: 5-35°c

Desalination rate: ≥99.2%

Power supply: 380V/50Hz, 220V/440/415 60Hz alternative

Operating pressure: 4.0-6.5Mpa

Output capacity(L/h): customer decide



Adopts computer system design, the complete system performs safely and reliable;

Treat seawater and brackish water meet to the WHO(World Health Organization) drinking water standard;

Easy operation, adopts PLC automatic control, one button realize equipment starting and stopping;

Compact size, light weight, easy installation and commissioning;

Adopts the imported famous brand membrane and pump or customer decide;

Modular design, especially suitable for the old ship, easy in position


Main parts functions:

Raw water tank: its function is to store raw water, this can be omitted if you owned

Raw water pump: to provide pressure to the raw water into the pretreatment filters

Sand filter: to remove the suspended solids and colloids in the water

Activated carbon filter: to remove the color,  free chloride, organic matter, harmful matters, etc

Precision filter/Cartridge filter: to remove the large particles, bacteria, virus, usual accuracy is 5um

Dosing system: usually it is adopted when the raw water recovery is more than 35%

HP pump: to provide high pressure so that the water can be pumped into the RO membrane with enough pressure

RO system: one of the most important part in the plant, remove the salinity of the water with rejection rate high up to 99%

Water processing tank: to hold product water for drinking

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